2 Layer Dish Drainer LP1022

2 Layer Dish Drainer LP1022

Product Code:2 Layer Dish Drainer LP1022
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2 layer dish drainer is the high quality chrome plated rack equipped with plastic tray to hold drip easily.

  • Made of durable steel.
  • Update removable bowl and dishes shelves.
  • Drain the water with ease to keep clean and tidy.
  • Side mounting mug stand and cutlery holder. 
  • With electroplate treatment and strong enough structure, durable and bearable in good appearance.
  • Up-layer is suitable to place dishes, down layer is more prefer to arrange glasses and two small sets besides should be taken off in your convenience. 
  • Sturdy metal construction with an attractive, rust-resistant, chrome plating.
  • Holds up to 18 plates or bowls

Size: L 42 x W 25 x H 40cm

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