Anjali - 5 in 1 Plastic Crusher BM2032

Anjali - 5 in 1 Plastic Crusher BM2032

Product Code:Anjali - 5 in 1 Plastic Crusher BM2032
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5 in 1 Crusher with 5 different preparations made of plastic for grinding.

  • Shape Crushes -Use as a nut cutter, cut pistachios and more to prepare sweets or masala mix.
  • Puran Crushes - Use to blend curds and even extract juice.
  • Strainer - Strains excess water from cooked food, filters of leftover particles from cooking oil, you can also use to remove dust from grains, flour.
  • Bundi - Use to coarse crushed nuts, make sweets.
  • Fine Crushes - Use to fine crush fruits and vegetables to extract seedless juices, use boiled food to make seedless pulp.

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