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Belly Wing Abdomen Treatment Patch LP1064

To use after every 2 days at night for 6-8hoursFeatures:Consists of 5 Slimming PatchesWeight Loss &a..

Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.150.00

Belly Wing Lower Body Treatment Patch

The patch will burn the fat and reduces your weight in the lower body (legs, chaps, chamorros, butto..

Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.150.00

Belly Wing Upper Body Treatment Patch

They contain herbal active ingredients, which are absorbed and act as thermogenic, that is, they bur..

Rs.150.00 Ex Tax: Rs.150.00

Body Shaper Sticker PR

30 Patches..

Rs.225.00 Ex Tax: Rs.225.00

High Waist Body Slimming Pants DA4032

Size: L - 2XLFeatures:Tightens the fatFlat belly, abdomen Stovepipe, shaping legsHip lift , pul..

Rs.500.00 Ex Tax: Rs.500.00

Hot Body Shaping Vest DA4056

Get into Perfect Shape with Hot Body Shaping Vest.Material: 15% Polyester, 70% Neoprene, 15% NylonCo..

Rs.450.00 Ex Tax: Rs.450.00

Hula Hoop BN-DX8883

Body shaping, Fast burning grease, Eliminate fatigue, Sport enjoyment, Aerobic exercise that consume..

Rs.700.00 Ex Tax: Rs.700.00

Instant Figure

Look slimmer instantly with Instant Figure’s shapewear for women. We have a piece for a woman’s ever..

Rs.350.00 Ex Tax: Rs.350.00

Jadies Cool Panty

Reshape your body with Jadies Cool Pants. Comfortable & can wear under all types of clothesGarin..

Rs.375.00 Ex Tax: Rs.375.00

Miracle Slimming Belt DT5458

Miracle slimming system - 10 minutes method use twice per day or wear all dayAfter taking off the be..

Rs.550.00 Ex Tax: Rs.550.00

Molded Compression Vest DT5369

 It insulates your mid section and helps you sweat more and burn calories faster. It is durable..

Rs.350.00 Ex Tax: Rs.350.00

Relax & Spin Tone 17223-3 AS

Does your body hurt and would you like a daily massage? With this massager, you have a complete and ..

Rs.950.00 Ex Tax: Rs.950.00

Slim Comfy

Comfortable and fit to wear, it is made up of new fibers that upon simple contact, mold softly to yo..

Rs.600.00 Ex Tax: Rs.600.00

Slim N Lift Men

Slim N Lift Men is a revolutionary tummy slimming vest than can give you that V shape looking f..

Rs.375.00 Ex Tax: Rs.375.00

Slim Patch DA4023

Features:30 patchesHighly effective natural weight loss patchMetabolise fats, carbs and sugarsImprov..

Rs.225.00 Ex Tax: Rs.225.00
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