Harmonium Baby Musical Play Mat HM 668-85

Harmonium Baby Musical Play Mat HM 668-85

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Are you looking for developmental toys for your baby from three months up to develop sensory, motor skills and cognitive abilities? Why not try Harmonium Baby Musical Play Mat HM 668-85 ? It comes with 4 activity rattle toys, a mirror, and a piano keyboard to entertain your little one and encourage them to develop fine motor skills, self-awareness, hearing, and baby's vision and senses. We also have the projection function of the underwater world, you can play in the underwater world with your baby! Enjoy the time spent with your baby, listening to tiny melodies and the most beautiful sound on earth - a child's laughter!
  • Kick and Play Piano: The Harmonium Baby Musical Play Mat HM 668-85 has multiple ways for your baby to play: Lying & Playing, Sitting, Tummy time and Take-along, which can meet your baby's needs at different stages.
  • Baby's Early Development Toys: Harmonium Baby Musical Play Mat HM 668-85 comes with 4 detachable colorful baby hanging rattles, a mirror and cute musical piano. Your baby will enjoy this activity center and his sensory and physical coordination skills can be improved through kicking the keyboards or catching the hanging toys.
  • Baby Rattle Toys: All the toys are detachable which can provide kids with tactile and gripping experiences. The colorful appearance attracts the baby's attention to play and develops the grasping ability and cognitive ability.
  • Easy to Clean: If you want to clean the play mat, you can easily remove the arch bridge and keyboard, the play mat is machine-washable. Also, the floor mat can be folded up when it is taken outdoors or for traveling.
  • Perfect Gift for Baby: The baby floor mat with double-sided breathable fabric is soft and skin-friendly, providing a comfortable playing environment for your baby. 

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