Colourful LCD writing Tablet 10 inch DT5495

Colourful LCD writing Tablet 10 inch DT5495

Product Code:Colourful LCD writing Tablet 10 inch DT5495
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Suitable Age: 2 years old or older

Material: Flexible LCD Panel + ABS Frame

Mild color, no harm to your eyes, no radiation.

An alternative to traditional paper, Erase your image with the Touch of Erase Button, Eco- friendly and green

Product Size: 26.5 x 17 x 0.5 cm

Writing or drawing with the included plastic stylus, , easier to view, easy to write. Erase your writing content quickly with simply one press of erase button.

Stylus can be used as a kick-stand to display your written messages to family, friends and co-workers. Built-in stylus dock provides convenient storage for stylus when not in use.

No paper or chalk needed, not only suitable for kid’s Graffiti, Arithmetic, Drawing and Pictures, also suitable for Shopping lists, To-do, Recipe, even office Memos.

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