Washing Machine Cleaning Ball 33352

Washing Machine Cleaning Ball 33352

Product Code:Washing Machine Cleaning Ball 33352
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Magic Laundry Balls for Hair Removal, Dirty Lint Fiber Collector, Anti-winding Sponge Filter

Material: PU + PP sponge

Strong detergency, prevents entanglement

Spong material, gourd dense net design


Lovely washing machine partner, can pick up hair, Pu sponge combined with PP three-dimensional pattern, full of fun, without hurting clothes or hands, and gently care for your clothes.

Super absorption of hair: When the washing machine rotates, it can absorb hair, thread and stains on the clothes through friction with the clothes, so that the clothes are more clean and flat.

Cold and wear resistance: professional cold resistance technology. It can also be used in winter without deformation at low temperature. The product itself is wear resistant.

Soft and delicate: it will not damage clothes. Can be used with laundry bags.

Package includes: 1 Pc of Blue and Orange laundry balls

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